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Later on, the documentary will be promoted in various film festivals.

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During the two weeks of the residency April 25 — May 9 , they co-created music, gave workshops at local music schools and recorded a track album. Who knows? This could be just the beginning of a beautiful Africa-Europe cooperation project committed to spread values of coexistence and peace-building.

There are six Africans, five Europeans and a twelfth artist in between the two continents. She is an acknowledged jazz musician, always on the look-out for experimental projects where she can stretch the limits of music genres.

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Although they may not be very well-known for the general public, they all have impressive backgrounds and share a passion to discover new musical horizons. African music is represented by Zimbabwean Mbira player Nancy S.

Indigenous, Afro-descendent and Roma populations at the center of new PAHO health plan

Listening to their music is a unique way to discover the sound of millennia-old traditional instruments such as the Mbira, a wooden board with staggered metal tines coming from Eastern and Southern Africa; or the Kora, a sort of harp built from a small calabash cut in half, that the Mandinka tribe has been playing in West Africa since the 14th century.

Skip to main content. Considering the power of online media to create communities, this thesis examines how the power of social media is harnessed by the Afro-Latinx individuals to mobilize and call to actions those who identify under the same social category and create a powerful online community to come together in support and advocacy virtually.

Through a digital ethnography, this research observes three Instagram pages and performs a textual analysis on 3 posts to further understand the Afro-Latinx community and their adoption of Instagram to create online communities. Find-ings emphasize the importance of creating and maintaining a niche, user engagement and mem-ber satisfaction.

Federal Judge Upholds Affirmative Action

Skip to main content. Author Rita Damiron Tallaj Follow. Keywords Afrolatinos, Latinos, identity theory, ethnic identity, social media, online community.

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