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He bet she knew how to give a big, Texas welcome to a newcomer. He shook the thought away. He needed to concentrate on business, not on careless romantic flings, at least not until he met the people with whom he would work. Ethaniel Evans Enterprises was not one of those companies that provided extra-curricular activities for visiting dignitaries but the Dallas branch might be different.

For the time being, he would be careful, very careful. See All Customer Reviews.

Shop Books. Add to Wishlist. USD Buy Online, Pick up in Store is currently unavailable, but this item may be available for in-store purchase. Sign in to Purchase Instantly. Overview Reenact a scene from a movie to capture a stranger's heart? That is the challenge issued to Nichole Morgan from her best friend but Nichole insists with vehemence that she would never do such a thing. Collecting his bags, he is accosted by a stunning but terrified young woman, pleading for his help.

Should he help her or, by doing so, would that endanger him also? A challenge issued to a young businesswoman results in an embarrassing masquerade that escalates into an unexpected showdown. A former Spanish and art teacher, she has written articles for Seasons for Writing, a newsletter for writers, and has published a short story about her father in Boys' Quest Magazine. She was a humor, travel, food columnist for a bilingual Web site.

A Colorado Destiny is her third novel published by Wings. Read an Excerpt Prelude "What a ridiculous plot!

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Choose between a dashing, sophisticated but missing hotel tycoon or a sensual, enigmatic but shiftless Choose between a dashing, sophisticated but missing hotel tycoon or a sensual, enigmatic but shiftless beachcomber? That is the dilemma that Nebraska first grade teacher Amy Andrews finds herself on the lush tropical island of Palmaltas where she has gone View Product. A Home for Old Ladies. A loving couple chooses a derelict old Hospital to turn into a family home.

Stanford Lodge had a proud past. Its heritage must be preserved. Guts and dreams in satisfying its old inhabitants, inspire lovers-yet a labour of love is A Matter Of Blood. When Lydia Murley can't sleep and leaves her Chicago hotel room in search of an When Lydia Murley can't sleep and leaves her Chicago hotel room in search of an aspirin, she finds instead a young man bleeding to death in an elevator. Due to her quick thinking, the lad survives, but upon waking from A Family Divided Her journey to assure her sister's safety pits sister against sister, country against country, and forces Kissre to face her Uh-uh, let's forget Scott ever existed," she said as she shushed Nichole who was trying to interrupt.

I'm happily married with baby, remember? I'm trying to help you.

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First of all, you need a makeover. You should stop pulling your hair back away from your face with those silly teenage barrettes. Flounce up that beautiful dark mane of yours. Add more makeup, especially accent those almond-shaped eyes. Buy a sexy dress. Loosen up! It's not professional. There are other places besides the workplace, you know. Anyway, this movie gambit just might pan out. Besides, why not try something different? All the guy could do is brush you off. Try until you find a guy who'll fall for the routine.

These men will be strangers. You'll never see them again, except for the one who falls for you. Can't you see how much fun this could be? In this case, life imitating art. A movie plot is one thing, real life another.

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The actors have their lines all written out for them. How can we guarantee that he'll follow this script? Ad-libbing is supposed to be fun. Fun, fun, fun. That's how you describe everything for me that turns out to be no such thing. It would be fun to see a handsome stranger react to something like that train scene. There is no way that I would ever attempt such a stunt. I double dare you.

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No way, my friend, no way. He had spent most of the flight going over projected figures for his auditing assignment in Dallas. He closed his eyes and began to relax. What would it be like?

Ranches and oil wells? Tycoons like J. Ewing on that old TV show, Dallas? Well, he wasn't in the oil business but business was business. What would dealing with Texans be like? Not that it really mattered, of course. As the visiting auditor to the Dallas branch of an international retail empire, he would have the upper hand. Still, he wondered if they would be big and blustery. St Michael's is located beside Linlithgow Palace. In a devastating fire swept through Linlithgow destroying many buildings, including the church and the royal residence that preceded the palace.

Visit the church to see the beautiful architecture and colourful stained-glass windows and learn about the further restorations that have been made over the centuries.

Mary was baptised here in December She stayed in Stirling Castle for most of her first five years until , when she was moved to Dumbarton Castle for her safety and then to France. After her return from France in , Mary stayed at Stirling Castle on numerous occasions and in she threw a lavish christening ceremony there for her son, James VI. Mary was crowned in Stirling Castle on 9 September , though she had acceded to the throne on 14 December Inchmahome Priory is a peaceful monastery located on an island in the Lake of Menteith.

Founded in and still boasting much of the original 13th century building to this day, its isolated location lends itself perfectly for providing sanctuary.

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Mary, aged four, was brought here from Stirling for safety by her mother Mary of Guise, and spent three weeks hidden after the heavy Scottish defeat at the Battle of Pinkie Cleugh. Look for the boxwood bower that grows in the centre of the island that Mary is said to have planted. Mary and her mother sought sanctuary here in September Spectacularly sited, guarded by sheer volcanic cliffs and overlooking the River Clyde, Dumbarton Castle is a formidable medieval fortress. She next visited Dumbarton 13 years later, after her return to Scotland to begin her personal reign.

The castle you see today was built in the s, although it sits on the same site as the original fortification, which dominated the medieval burgh. In its long and tempestuous history, Inverness Castle was set ablaze more than once and endured several sieges. When Mary arrived at the castle gates in September , her entry was barred by Alexander Gordon, under the orders of the Earl of Huntly. Outraged, her supporters successfully laid siege to the castle and Alexander Gordon was hanged for treason. Please note due to the historic nature of the building there is no wheelchair access above the ground floor.

On the 11 August , Mary visited Whithorn Priory , which housed the saint's shrine, famed for healing and miracles granted to pious pilgrims. Her grandfather James IV had visited Whithorn every year of his reign — and you can see the Stuart Coat of Arms above the Pend gateway to this day. Undertaking a pilgrimage was banned by the Protestant Reformation of , however many, like Queen Mary, still practised Catholicism. Mary is said to have adored the place, as it reminded her so much of the French chateaux of her youth.