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Unless you prove their worth for yourself you should not use them. It is good for you to concentrate on creating as simple a tool as possible so that it can serve in various ways.

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The method of manufacturing each tool is mentioned in detail within the said volume. Fujibayashi talks of the skills with reserve and caution owing to their possibly dubious nature.

Table of contents 14 Volume One Preface, Introductory notes. Table of contents. This may be as a result of transcription errors or it may be that the original was written this way. Where needed, we have added the major missing sections. Questions and answers about ninjutsu Question: In which period did ninjutsu come into existence? Answer : Originally the art of war [including ninjutsu ] appeared in the period of Emperor Fu Xi 34 and afterwards became more prosperous in the period of the Yellow Emperor. Thus, ninjutsu is the key to military affairs. Even though it existed in the periods of Fu Xi and the Yellow Emperor, there is no mention of ninjutsu directly in any written documents.

Only its essence was there. In this sense you can find it in some ancient writings. Question: Why do you say ninjutsu is the key to military affairs? Answer : In the volume on the employment of spies, which is found in the thirteen volumes of the Art of War written by Sun Tzu, ninjutsu is mentioned. Other than this, almost all military manuscripts through all periods in China and in our country as well, have a reference to ninjutsu in their text.

If ninjutsu were not the essential key to strategy, why did it happen that those wise sages in history wrote down this art for future generations, or have you not heard that? Some military manuscripts say, The military arts concern disciplining the inside and knowing the outside. With this in mind, you should know that ninjutsu is the key to the military.

Question: Is this art called shinobi in China as well? Answer: Shinobi is a name that was invented in our country. In the state of Wu 36 it was called kan in the Spring and Autumn period, cho nt; and in and after the [Chinese] Warring States period, saisaku yutei igtt, kansai and so on.


All these names refer to ninjutsu. It is quite similar in our country, as we call it shinobi, yato, suppa, nokizaru, mitsumono, kyoudan, etc.

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Question: Is there any reason ninjutsu is named kancho, yutei, saisaku, kansai, yushi, kojin etc? There have been lots of examples since ancient times both in China and Japan where victory was obtained by creating confusion among the enemy. Generally, the art of shinobi looks like playing 38 while the job of the spy is to look for a gap within the enemy, sneak in and observe their condition.

They were observing the situation there by utilizing various secret plans and kept Kusunoki informed. This is exactly what yutei means. Also, saisaku 39 means that ninja go over to the enemy, observe their condition fully and report to their lord so the lord can make his strategy with precision. Hence, even though ninjutsu looks normal on its surface, it always has an extremely distorted and a deeply plotted tactic beneath the surface.

Even though [a shinobi ] is on the righteous path of loyalty, his methods have injustice within them and are crooked inside, thus the negative word kansai was also used.


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It is also called kojin 40 because [ shinobi ] go between the enemy and the allies. Question: Why was it called such various names in China? Answer : In the Art of War it was named kan and since then those in this job are called kanja and upon hearing the word kan people would clearly have an idea as to what they do. Originally, as the deepest way of this art says, you are not allowed to let your name, skill or art be known to people, this is so that you will be able to fulfil your purpose without being discovered by others.

Thus it is essential to keep this art a deep secret. For this reason, it seems that in China they changed the names for this skill from generation to generation so that they could keep the fact that they were involved in ninjutsu a secret. Question: While it has changed names in China, it is called shinobi in our country.

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Why is this? Answer: All the names in China, such as kancho, yutei, saisaku, kansai, yushi, kojin etc. That is, the names have originated because of the consequences of the objective for the ninjutsu used. It is named this way because it refers to the essence that is fundamental to all sections of ninjutsu.

Without considering this meaning, you can hardly know the real origin of this art. Question: If possible, I would like to know the details of the above statement. If the heart is not so sharp or hard but instead is blunt and soft, even a most skilful plan cannot be completed, as such an agent will be faint-hearted when getting close to the enemy. Even if they could manage to get close to the enemy, they will be nervous and grow flustered and talk so much that they will give the plot away and end up being captured, which will result in not only themselves being killed but obviously in damage being caused to their lord.

Therefore, you can only sneak in through a gap within the enemy if you have a hard and loyal heart that is tempered like a blade. Question: The name shinobi as just mentioned has been changed in various ways like yato, suppa, nokizaru, mitsumono, kyodan etc.

Suppa and yato have been commonly used for a long time in Iga and Koka, and they are obvious. But the name nokizaru 41 is used instead of shinobi just because it is their job to look at the inside of the enemy and their position. Then for what reason are shinobi called mitsumono or kyodan? He had a special unit called mitsumono consisting of thirty loyal brave people who were competent to carry out his tactics very skilfully. He would give them a good stipend, reward them enough, keep them by his side and utilize them as the key to the military.

For battle, set aside the divination for the date or the direction and send mitsumono before you make any plan and consider everything. Lord Oda Nobunaga named shinobi as kyodan and utilized them. He achieved an amazing victory over the great force of the Imagawa clan and won scores of impregnable cashes such as Inuyama castle of Bishu and Udono castle of Sanshu. Also he beat strong enemies in various provinces without any serious damage to his own forces, all because of the services of the kyodan.

As in the above, great commanders employed shinobi under various names to serve them because they could bring very subde advantages to the fray. For any lord, it is essential to make much of the shinobi. Question: 44 It is said in the above that the path of the shinobi came into being in the period of Fu Xi and became prosperous in the period of the Yellow Emperor. After the Yellow Emperor, how has it been passed down until now?

Answer: As I am neither educated nor talented, and am ignorant about the details, all I can say is that as far as we know, generally that is, there have been only a few people who have known ninjutsu since the time of the Yellow Emperor. Though few people would use this path, as late as in the period of Yin, a person named Yi Yin mastered this way and served King Tang. He crept into the place of King Jie of the Xia Dynasty and killed him. It was believed that the tyrant drove him away to the Sung Dynasty.

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He took the side of Jie five times and the side of Tang five times; however, people did not know that Yi was working as a spy. Afterwards the tradition was passed down to Jiang Ziya 45 and he wrote a treatise on ninjutsu that consisted of seventy-one chapters and introduced it to the world.

This writing [by Jiang Ziya] has not been brought here to our country. Alongside this, the Art of War mentions in its chapter on the use of spies that Jiang Ziya sneaked into the enemy ranks of King Jie and ruined him. People only know about the batde of Mu-ye but do not know that [Jiang Ziya] went to the enemy, offered them women and bribes, then freely carried out a conspiracy. This quote explains the reality of what went on behind this batde.

Afterwards, [these arts] were passed down to Sun Tzu and he thought out the five types of spies that are called gokan and wrote of them in the chapter on the use of spies. Since then there have been no great generals who have not used ninjutsu, all through the Spring and Autumn period, the [Chinese] Warring States period, the Three Kingdoms period, the Tang period, the Five Dynasties period, the Northern and Southern Sung periods and all to the present time.

Question: When did this way come into use in our country? Takoya got into the casde and set fire to it, and in unison with this the Emperor penetrated its defences from the outside and the casde fell without difficulty. This is the first time that ninjutsu was used in our country. This is written in the Chronicles of Japan. Since then no general has not used this skill.

Of them Yoshimori made one hundred poems about the shinobi and they have been passed down to this day. Kusunoki Masashige wrote down the secrets of military affairs and shinobi no jutsu in six sections and then integrated them into one volume. He kept it secret and when he was killed in a battle in Hyogo, it was handed to Onchi Sakon Taro to pass down to his son Masatsura, so it has been left to posterity.

Every one of the great generals in our country, such as Yoshimori, Kusunoki and his son, Shingen, Motonari, Lord Nobunaga and Lord Hideyoshi, achieved victory by utilizing ninjutsu and there are too many examples of this to count them all. Question: I heard that this art was widely used all through the country. But what is the reason that Iga and Koka are the most renowned of all the various provinces for shinobi?

Answer : In ancient times after the shogun Ashikaga Takauji ruled the country, his descendents inherited the shogunate successively but the court could not govern very well and the rank system became confused. Officials were already corrupt, and there was a constant state of war. On top of this, one after another lord or official came out to subjugate each other and there was no peace at that time in our country.

Throughout the whole country, as all were at war, all tribes 52 were in extreme confusion, all places were in dispute. However, apart from the people of Iga and Koka, every province had its shugo provincial military governor and the people there were ruled by them. The people of Iga and Koka had never had a shugo governor and each clan was self-governing; they constructed small castles in each estate independently and had free rein. As having no shugo or a lord, there was not a governor to oversee them.

Therefore, their main concentration was set on battles, each morning and every evening, and their life revolved around armament and defence. Thus they would always keep their horses saddled, even those of lower rank would have their straw sandals put on the scabbards of their swords 54 and never let their guard down.