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At a death cafe, people gather to eat cake, drink tea, and have a group discussion about death. Coffee and desserts will be provided! This is a discussion group rather than a grief support or counseling session. For one hour, we will focus on sound. Listening first, with an eye ear toward healing, toward a collective experience more than the sum of its parts.

There will be vocal and percussive sound production involved at different points. All ages welcome. No prior meditation or musical experience necessary. A critical commentary on the unique pressures and power dynamics experienced by the social media generation, the self-titled LP digs sharply into the destructive, repetitive nature of the neoteric tasks idled through daily by the ambitious urban millennial. The results are an expansive whirlwind of compelling sonics.

Urgent yet calculated riffs rip through a thunderous pummel of percussion, Lani Combier-Kapel's anomalous blend of punk and psychedelic drumming carrying their songs with an atmosphere of organized chaos. Typical song structure is a rubric to draw from and ultimately deconstruct, as we experience through the whipping tempo changes and sudden tactile shifts that unseat us throughout the album. Switching off vocalists, they give us a panoramic view into the plagued world of the millennial female, with lyrics that reveal intense contemplation, telling harsh truths through dark and poignant sarcasm.

Confronting a generation undergoing perplexing, exponentiated change, Weeping Icon doses their listeners with such a controlled sense of horror and humor that they test our very comprehension of the world we participate in. The duo formed in November Besides his career as a stylistically wide-ranging guitarist, Kaiser has been a scientific diver in the US Antarctic program since He has logged many hundreds of dives beneath Antarctic ice.

For this show Henry will present some of his newest and best underwater video from beneath the ice of the Ross Sea.

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He will accompany this footage with live solo guitar improvisations. In addition, he will also provide live soundtracks to some of his recent abstract video creations, that are in the experimental traditions and lineage of Jordan Belson and James Whitney. Joseph Allred is a Boston-based multi-instrumentalist, songwriter, singer, experimental composer, and visual artist who is originally from Jamestown, Tennessee.

He began his study and performance of Manding and Wolof music at a very young age. Uasuf is a dynamic djembe and dundun drummer as well as a skilled instrument craftsman. He also plays the key bala, which he learned first with his teacher, Cheick Hamala Diabate and other master artists of the Manding tradition of West Africa.

Uasuf has dedicated his life to the task of becoming an ambassador of African culture to the world. The catalyst for such a responsibility is the passion he has for reconnecting those of the African Diaspora to one another. His repertoire ranges from traditional songs from the 13th century to contemporary original compositions incorporating blues and jazz riffs. Keita, and Amadou Kouyate.

Uasuf Gueye was a Strathmore Artist in-Residence. At this gig we will experiment with Henry playing solo guitar requia requests from audience members; so bring some ideas for whom you might want to hear solo guitar improvisations in memory of! Transparent Productions presents Colla Parte. Colla Parte the ensemble brings together three musicians with deep backgrounds in jazz, classical and contemporary art music to create a unique form of improvised chamber music combining the refinement and intellect of art music with the passion and freedom of jazz.

Jamal Moore and Luke Stewart have each solidified their presence within a volatile moment in contemporary music marked by resistance and a self-determining embrace of the great lineage of Black Music, Ancient to the Future. As Ancestral Duo, Baltimore native Moore and Mississippian Stewart summon the fullness of an art that must simultaneously generate form and content while never deviating from the most mature consideration of the bittersweet, conflicted truth of this human condition.

Fifteen years ago, Thomas Stanley created Bushmeat Sound as a cabinet of small instruments with novel sounds. Convinced that what Sun Ra called Tone Science was a therapeutic intervention requiring, not necessarily music, but certainly tones, he aimed his sound art at the semantic architecture of Imperial consciousness -- the consciousness of slaves and masters.

This workshop will introduce you to the wide world of 'micro-controllers' - simplified miniature computers that can be programmed to do just about anything! We'll be programming them to act as custom MIDI devices for controlling both hardware and software based synths.


The majority of this workshop will go over the practical details you need to know to quickly get up and running with microcontroller programming - no previous coding experience required! Think about how you'd like to move the object around and how you'd like the sound to be modified by that movement change in volume, pitch, etc.

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This workshop aims to give you a solid foundation in the tools you need to create your own MIDI controller but since time is limited we may not have time to make custom hardware modifications cutting, drilling, etc to your particular midi-controller object. Thin Pigeon "post punk goth swamp melt mush".

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Human Person experimental indie singer-songwriter with folk roots from Fredericksburg, VA. They write songs with an emphasis on melody, voice, and lyrics particularly inspired by folk and country singers, but their music is not limited to any genre.

Caritas in veritate (June 29, ) | BENEDICT XVI

There's a restlessness baked into the trio's jagged tunes embodied in the act of rotating instruments throughout a performance. He has recorded and toured extensively with Digital Primitives, a trio with Tsahar and Taylor. He has performed at the Whitney Museum of American Art, in a piano duo with John Blum in , and a solo performance in conjunction with the Blues for Smoke exhibit in This workshop will build upon the programming foundations taught in Part I with an introduction to text-based microcontroller programming using the Arduino C language. We'll be programming our microcontrollers to act as custom MIDI devices for controlling both hardware and software based synths.

Attendees should have attended the 'Part I' workshop or have some previous experience with text-based Arduino programming. He has released over 70 CDs as a leader. This event is an attempt to create a regular monthly meeting for people interested in Modular synthesis and to foster growth in a diverse and fast growing community of like minded individuals. This event is open to everyone. From the novice to the advanced. Come to learn, share ideas and meet your peers. Get involved! Their music reflects a deep well of influences, starting from the early 60s folk and rock scenes on both sides of the Atlantic, through the American Primitive and private press guitar movements of the 70s, to the independent rock era of the 80s to present.

His primary instrument is the acoustic guitar, but he incorporates many instruments into his original tunes, improvisations, and interpretations of the works of others. With quite a bit of work under his belt already, including a record on the estimable Dying For Bad Music label, it will be exciting to see him continue to explore, expand, and refine his already heady sound and approach.

In his own words, his latest album 'Mug Hummies' "is a combination of acoustic drone music and fingerstyle guitar adaptations of traditional gospel hymns, original composition and some early Hawaiian music. Doug Kallmeyer is a DC-based composer, bassist, political activist, and audio engineer. His approach to composition integrates electronic effects with tenor guitar, blending fingerpicking Appalachian modes with extended sonic treatments.

Doctor revived after suicide. Here’s what he says.

His breadth of versatility has allowed him to tour and record with such mainstream artists as Lionel Hampton and Buddy Rich in the past, as well as more contemporary artists like Anthony Braxton, Bill Dixon, Cecil Taylor and William Parker. He has over 50 CDs as a leader or co-leader and is a featured artists on more than other releases.

He runs workshops around the world and is a teaching artist in the NYC public school system focusing on special needs children. Steve has also been selected by the Downbeat Critics Poll in the Trombone category each year from Upcoming at Rhizome click on event for more details :. Nov Nov 12, Nov 13, Nov 13, — Dec 31, Nov 14, Nov 15, Nov 16, Nov 17, Workshop: The Grain of the Voice.

Nov 18, Death Cafe. Nov 19, Experiments in Sound Meditation. Nov 20, Nov 22, Concert: Henry Kaiser solo guitar with Antarctic underwater video.


Nov 23, Concert: Henry Kaiser solo guitar requia by request. Nov 24, Concert: Colla Parte. Nov 30, Dec 1. Dec 1, Dec 3.

D&D Meets NYC - The Unsleeping City [Full Episode]

Torres confirms that the High-Speed Task Force is corrupt, but wishes to have Mercer taken down because he's become too reckless. Torres provides information which leads them to a warehouse that acts as an illegal chop shop , stripping cars seized by the High-Speed Task Force, or preparing them to be shipped out of the city. Ana finds her z's license plate, indicating that it has already been processed. The player and Ana enlist The League's help to expose Mercer's activity by crashing a publicity event for the Showdown, and leading the police and local media to the warehouse.

En route, they are ambushed by the High-Speed Task Force, and news reporters find the warehouse empty. Ana and the player evade the police and return to Lucas's garage to find him bound to a chair and tortured by Mercer, who holds them at gunpoint. A camera inside the chop shop caught Ana and the player's infiltration, which led him to move the cars.

Mercer forces the player and Ana into his police car under the pretense of arresting them, but it becomes apparent that he plans to murder them. Lucas, having escaped his bonds, intercepts them in his father's Camaro and rams Mercer's car.