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I realized the amount of work that went into managing bands and working with clients, and I have a better understanding of the music business just by being there and getting to listen to how he conversed with clients and reached out to others in the music business. When I first started at Deep South, I was worried that my lack of experience with the music business would hinder my ability to work at the company. As part of the internship, I was required to attend at least three concerts, two of which had to be at Deep South the Bar.

I knew that Baker was obviously talented, but that night opened my eyes to level of talent I had the opportunity to work with, and I felt honored and grateful that I had the opportunity to observe and learn from Baker every week. State Fair, Deep South does it all. Not fame. Not fortune. The pure joy of music. Enjoy the process and make music for the rest of your life. The unsurprising success of the company stems from the hard work and dedication of its employees. In the next 5—10 years, Baker only sees bigger and better things for Deep South.

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Become a member. About Help Legal. This we have all learned — to our delight — as his eclectic tastes in guitar and musical styles have unfolded before our eyes in so many memorable musical releases over the years. After the early Triumphant years, Emmett found himself on Middle Ground, you might say, between a rock band and a hard place. But no category can hold Emmett for long.

Even the anthems that filled arenas for Triumph can be boiled down to simple acoustic folk songs, which is how they started life anyway. You could say that Rik Emmett started his career in Triumph and worked his way back to Respect — one solid record at a time.

He may have described himself best in a couple of lines from one his best-known songs, Ordinary Man, when he wrote:. I cannot play it safe.

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And we are all very grateful that he has given so much of himself away to us, in so many lovely and different forms, through the years. Yet a man we honour here today built a long and fruitful career based on that enduring concept.

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Charlie Camilleri was a pivotal figure in the Canadian music business during his exemplary year career at CBS Records. Rejecting a chance to manage American pop star Gene Pitney in the s, Camilleri stayed home with his young family in Mississauga and, instead, paved the way for several generations of performers to make their marks in this country. He knew everyone in the business and he respected and worked with them to foster their careers. He did print and radio promotion for artists, visited retailers, picked up the acts at the airport and got them safely to the hotel.

Charlie did things quietly, but he did things. When the extraordinarily talented and extraordinarily eccentric Glenn Gould was on CBS, there was only one man at the record company he would regularly talk to.

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Every Christmas, a call would come into the Camilleri household in Lakeview from Gould and there would be a long conversation about everything under the sun. Many of the artists dropped into the Camilleri household to have supper, often before they worked the CNE summer shows. He travelled the Canadian circuit with Johnny Cash, one of many who became a close friend. When he retired, CBS named a major internal award for Charlie. CBS Nashville honoured him. Legendary promoter Michael Cohl gave him a lifetime backstage pass for any Concert Productions international show.

At the same time he built his legendary professional career, Camilleri was creating a volunteer profile that was almost as impressive.

Everything I Know about the Music Business I Learned from My Cousin Rick

A lifetime supporter of local sports and community projects, Camilleri coached Cawthra baseball and hockey and partnered with Eve Petrescue to build the local human infrastructure in Lakeview that made them work. His charity of choice was Variety Club. He personally sponsored Tony Bennett into the local chapter and he raised millions of dollars in more than 25 years of involvement with Variety Village. Camilleri made Variety Club the charity of choice for the music industry for many years. His work earned him the highest honour he could receive from the International Club and the highest he could receive from the Canadian organization, its Heart Award.

Along the way, he also won Grey Cups in and 47 with The Toronto Argonauts and won the Canadian softball championship. After his retirement, he was a pivotal figure in keeping the Argo alumni club active. Or the second or the third. But his name belongs among the elite. He used his talent for promotion and friendship to foster a fledgling industry and help build it into the powerhouse it became in his time. And he did it all with charm and grace that belied the reputation of the industry he worked in.

Everything I Know About The Music Business I Learned From My Cousin Rick

It is our pleasure today to add his name to the Mississauga Music Walk of Fame. The program included a posthumous tribute to three jazz giants who had all lived in Mississauga at one time in their lives. The three were the incomparable pianist Oscar Peterson who was inducted into the Mississauga Music Walk of Fame last year, guitarist and jazz historian Jeff Healey and Doug Riley, the talented writer and pianist who founded and led the group called Dr.

But while the Canadian jazz community paid tribute to those late lions that night, they also recognized another Mississauga musician, one who had five previous National Jazz Awards nominations. When I spoke to Nancy the next day about winning the award, she was typically humble. First, she made it absolutely clear she does NOT consider music appreciation to be a competitive sport. Then she made it clear that any one of the other nominees — who were a stellar group — made up of David Braid, Robi Botos, David Restivo and David Virelles would have been just as worthy a winner.

Nancy was born and lived in Montreal until the age of seven when her family moved to Oakville. She was always keen on music but as is so often the case, an inspirational teacher took a special interest in her talent and really incited her passion for it. His name was John Macdonald.

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He taught at Blakelock Secondary School by day but was also a successful pianist and arranger who had worked with the likes of Rick Wilkins and Rob McConnell. Nancy played trumpet at the time but showed early interest in composition. Even in those days, she had big musical ambitions. She wrote an original composition for a piece concert band. When she graduated, she started working right away in the cocktail lounges, bars and travelling show bands that were so much more plentiful in Toronto in the s.

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