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définition - Apple_Inc

Lion auto-saves pretty-much everything. Schiller going over everything twice, apparently. Icons can be rearranged in Launchpad as in iOS. Peer-to-peer wifi-based network — shows up in Finder. You can see yourself and others around you running AirDrop. Sending files just amounts to dragging to the icons of other computers. Recipient gets a prompt, confirms they want it, and it downloads to your downloads folder. New design, multi-column view.

Looks a lot like the iPad client, search is also improved. Looks a lot more automatic in regards to helping you intelligently search.

Crowd claps for this new search method. Also, conversation view in mail.

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Attachments even shown in-line with conversation view. Search looks quite intelligent. Even suggests subject lines that might apply to a few key presses. Searches can also be combined easily, looks super quick. Crowd clapping — they like Conversation View! Out in July. Forstall on for iOS5. Showing Crowd goes nutso! Can get to it anytime from anywhere by swiping down from the top. Crowd clapping! Notifications no longer interrupt, you get an animation from the top. Has a cool animation too, like a cube rolling down from the top.

Lock screen improved, much more information shown. Can swipe across lock screen on a particular notification to go directly to the app it came from. Swiping text message takes you right to the text. Mags and newspapers? Most publishers onboards with subscriptions already.

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National Geographic, Spin, etc. Showing tons of magazines available. New listing in App Store that combines all of these newspapers and magazines. News Stand looks like iBooks but is specifically for magazines and newspapers. Single sign-on stored in Settings. Apps that use Twitter can use this with permission. Twitter integrated into Apple apps like Camera. Can also tweet articles from safari, videos from youtube, locations from maps.

Contacts integrated with Twitter, grabs photos for contacts. Lightning fast to switch between tabs. Reminders apps allows for storage of multiple lists, with dates to remind you. Double tap home button, tap camera icon. A few laughs. Optional grid lines. Pinch to zoom. Hold finger to auto-focus and auto-exposure lock in addition to tapping. Software updates are now over the air.

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Text messages, photos, videos, contacts, group messaging. Shows delivery receipts, read receipts, typing indication. No mention of other protocols. Pushed to all devices, pick up conversation from iPhone to iPad.

Supported via 3G and WiFi. Looks like iChat.

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Which no-one uses! AirPlay mirroring. Mirror iPad 2 to TV wirelessly. WiFI Sync to iTunes. Jobs back for iCloud. Jobs sounds more lively now, which is good! Mobile Me ceases to exist, mail contacts and calendar is now free. Showing how contact is all updated across all devices. Contacts and calendars stored in the cloud. Calendar sharing also added. Shared calendars also pushed out. Wirelessly backup devices to iCloud. Backup music, apps, books, camera roll, device settings, app data.

Pages document automatically updated and stored in the cloud. Can edit a document in pages, gets pushed to iCloud, then edit on iPad. This functionality in pages, numbers, and keynote. File transferring seems totally automatic and effortless. Apple have been working for 10 years to get rid of the file storage system! Apps can store documents in iCloud, documents pushed automatically, updates on all devices when changed on any device. Cloud Storage APIs!!! Crowd goes nuts!! Photo Stream — bring the Cloud to Photos.

Photo Stream works just like documents, but your camera roll gets uploaded to the cloud then sent to everything else. Can also import photos, then upload to the cloud and push to everything else. And Apple TV.

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Last photos are stored in the Cloud. Stored for 30 days on iCloud. Jobs now taking pictures with an iPhone. Photos already on the iPad seconds later. To save permanently, select, and save them to an album. Pics are already on the Mac, too. Maybe MS has changed their standard? Can it be noted that not all mp3 purchases are kbps? Is this original research?

Looks like it to me. Elysium 73 , 20 March UTC. Beatport is missing from this list. Thanks Charles —Preceding unsigned comment added by So add them. Done, I just added them. They're great. I would argue it should be the other way around. Ruibalp , 11 April UTC.