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Can you spell these 10 commonly misspelled words? Do you know the person or title these quotes describe? Login or Register. Save Word. Log In. Definition of lose the plot. SpringHawk July 19, at pm Reply. Nick L. Tipper May 19, at am Reply.

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Name required. The audience — chaining Virginia Slims, piling buffet plates with free seafood until their hands trembled, one sitting in a walker like it was a throne — was replete with Cuban Americans. These were exiles from Castro, or the children of those exiles. I was trying to unlisten to a confused exegesis on sharia law when a woman in sincere business attire approached, and handed me a sheet of paper and a pen. This seemed a cheap intimidatory gesture, but it turned out she had just forgotten our first encounter, though it was only five minutes earlier. She was running as a broad-appeal candidate — pro-business, distinct from Trump, willing to call him to account, wanting to do something about climate change.

Tonight, she was addressing an audience who did not want her to do any of those things. She reached the small stage to applause that felt somehow investigatory. Her manner was charismatic, but she was uncertain without an autocue, and her ad-libs clanged.

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It was a tough crowd. And of course the Americans. The dynamic had gone open-mic night.

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She looked into the bleak faces of the audience for signs of human warmth and did not find it. Marshland was seized on, but not in the way she was hoping. Even then, sanity remained until we hit the caravan. Here we go. She was curious and exasperated, back to the posture of a journalist instead of a candidate, asking questions instead of answering them.

Why would someone fund the caravan? How was this supposed to work?

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An orgy of nodding. There was concurrence. There was liberation, something breaking free. Then people started complaining about their pensions.

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I turned to my seatmate in the aftermath. You were a migrant once. The Mariel Boatlift — that was , people, not people. By the wall were two state legislature Republican candidates, Chamber of Commerce types who looked almost as stunned as me. A room full of Cubans and Jews, peeling the paint about refugees.

The Washington Post reporter Dave Weigel is probably the best race-by-race electoral analyst around. Salazar lost, and so did Carlos Curbelo, her partymate over in Florida Curbelo, one of the only Republican congressmen to legislate against climate change, moderated so hard that he seemed reluctant to even encourage people to vote for him. At a town hall I attended, Curbelo was asked what he would say to someone planning to vote for his opponent. Republicans nationwide were bleeding urban and suburban votes. On the ground this was not just noticeable but almost jarring.

Almost any city, no matter how rural or small, starts to produce liberalism. Huntington, West Virginia, has a gay bar in fact, it used to have two. Anywhere there is a college, or service industries, or nascent diversity, Democrats have a foothold. Hitting true Trump country, not just isolated pockets, required real mileage, way beyond an Uber from an airport. Of 81 urban or semi-urban districts nationwide, 80 are now represented in Congress by Democrats. Beto lost, but ran the closest race against an incumbent Texas senator in 40 years.

Phoenix, Arizona, still has some very conservative suburbs, but the voters in Maricopa County sounded most concerned about the tenor of the campaign.

The anti-Trump Republican Jeff Flake had announced his retirement, vacating the seat. The campaign spots on Arizona radio sounded extra venal and stupid. He was unpersuaded by the caravan. Sending 15, troops at a horrible cost, to prevent people getting in? She was part of a record-breaking year for female candidates. In Congress, at least women won. Almost all the remaining Republicans were white men. Measured by median income, the richest House districts in 11 states flipped from Republican to Democratic. According to the election analyst Evan Siegfried, 56 per cent more people under 30 voted than in the midterms overwhelmingly for Democrats , and Republicans lost 14 points of their support among the overs.

The most significant shift was in female voters. The GOP had female trouble, and they knew it.

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Even in the shadow of Death Valley, Nevada, where Democrats fear to tread, Republicans were trying to soften the appeal of their star candidate. Hof was Dennis Hof, a state assembly candidate who had overcome a professional Republican in a primary after styling himself on Donald Trump. Like the president, Hof was the star of a reality-TV show who had been accused of sexual abuse. Unlike Trump, he ran a string of brothels, including the notorious Moonlite Bunny Ranch. Also, he was dead.

Public Enemy rapper Flavor Flav had not been present, but was said to be inconsolable. Hof was now buried in a cherry red coffin, with a floral tribute that depicted two rabbits making love , but it was too late to remove him from the ballot. County officials would vote on a replacement if he won — and he was still the favourite, meaning Pahrump would rather vote for a dead pimp than a live Democrat.