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After the sailing regatta, Dennemeyer and its guests continued the fun Saturday evening at the Boo Beach Club where everybody had the opportunity to network over delicious barbeque and excellent drinks. Space, the final frontier! Well, not anymore, because thanks to a group of six 9 th grade students from Brasov, Romania, we will be able to survive in space.

Not very soon, but give them some time and they will make it possible. Heosphoros, the Romanian team, has placed on the 1 st place for kids in the 9 th grade, winning with their space station located in the Lagrangian point L4. Carmen Tanasescu. That is why Dennemeyer has decided to support their project and sponsor their trip and presentation to St Louis, Missouri. Das Management von gewerblichen Schutzrechten stellt hierbei keine Ausnahme dar.

Er gewann im Finale das iPad Mini mit einer hervorragenden Gesamtpunktzahl von insgesamt Reinhold Nowak, Vorstandsvorsitzender der Dennemeyer Group. Ich gratuliere den Teilnehmern deshalb umso mehr zu ihren beeindruckenden Ergebnissen. He wins the iPad Mini with an impressive score of Congratulations to our players for their impressive achievements — we are proud to announce that the quiz created a total donation amount of Altogether the Dennemeyer Group donated more than Thanks to all who helped us make it possible!

Addressing a variety of activities ranging from strategic management to IP valuation, the IP Quick Check attributes your organization an individual score and compares it to the average score of other companies. Last year December was for giving. Thanks to you, our donation campaign for Doctors Without Borders became a real success with more than correct answers and more than Euro donated for a good cause. This year our ambition is to even surpass that result.

All you have to do is log in, choose the Christmas Quiz mode and play the patent or trademark qualifiers - depending on your professional background. The two separate championships will end middle of December and the Top Five of both categories will automatically enter the final round.

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The winner of the final will receive an iPad as a personal reward, next to the certainty that no other player has contributed more to our donation campaign. Have fun and share the care this December.

Dennemeyer spendete mehr als Der Startschuss ist heute gefallen! Es war noch nie so einfach, Gutes zu tun — machen Sie mit! Bildergalerie mit weiteren Veranstaltungsfotos.

Read e-book Des Marshals größter Trick: Missouri - Band 8 (German Edition)

Secondly because Dennemeyer has identified the continent as a region where clients are reconsidering their level of protection in IP to plan for anticipated economic growth. Dennemeyer Africa is capable of offering a whole bundle of IP related legal and management services as well as software solutions covering the entire continent. The range of services includes legal advice on branding in Africa and South Africa, patent and trademark searching, drafting, filing, prosecution, recordals, annuities and renewals, litigation, commercial IP, advice on pharmaceuticals labeling and packaging as well as IP portfolio management.

Van Zyl is based in Europe for the sake of providing easy face to face contact and is available to travel to our clients or meet them at any of our offices in Luxembourg, Frankfurt or Munich. For further information about the new practice group please contact Christophe van Zyl. In addition to the presentations, we exchanged views during round-table discussions. Our thanks go out to all our guests for making this event an inspiration. You can get two of the presentations here.

Check out the gallery for more snapshots from the event. Guests were offered a presentation about the exposed counterfeit goods and they had fun discovering a great diversity of reproductions. The tour was followed by an informal standing reception with hors d'oeuvres and drinks and proved to be a great start for this year's Annual Meeting. Check out the gallery to discover more about our evening. Et pour qui? Ltd gesammelt hatte. Frau Li besitzt einen wissenschaftlichen Hochschulabschluss M.

Im Anschluss folgte eine angeregte Diskussion unter den ca.

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  • Prof. Dr. Dirk Eisenbiegler.

And for whom? The lecture was held by Ms. She holds an M.

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In her presentation she outlined that businesses active in industries in which intellectual property rights play an important role - especially where SEPs are involved - should expect close scrutiny from Chinese agencies as they continue to develop in this complex area. The lecture was followed by an excited discussion among the roughly 30 attendees — as well as by cool drinks. Further complementary evening lectures will follow and be announced at www. For further question, please contact: seminars at dennemeyer dot com.

Eine Entscheidung des Bundespatentgerichts aus dem September hat dem Nagetier jetzt auch den Weg bis zum Bundesgerichtshof geebnet. Patentanwalt Dr. Das Hauptproblem ist die unterschiedliche Behandlung von Vorrichtungs-Gebrauchsmustern und Verfahrens-Gebrauchsmustern. Kann man einen Verfahrenserfinder anders behandeln als den Erfinder einer Vorrichtung, der ein Patent und ein Gebrauchsmuster erhalten kann, ohne das Gleichheitsgebot des Art.

Diese Frage liegt jetzt dem Bundesgerichtshof vor. The field mouse inhabits a wide range of habitats including grasslands and marshes, pastures and gardens, and urban areas. As a consequence of a decision of the Bundespatentgericht Federal Patent Court of Germany from September with the keyword "field mouse bait station" it has also found its way to the Bundesgerichtshof German Federal Supreme Court. From the start: Bundespatentgericht recently confirmed the rejection of a utility model application to protect a method of catching mice with a bait station due to the fact that methods are not protectable as utility models under German Law.

Utility models consist of an exclusive right granted for an invention that is similar to a patent right, but its main purpose is to achieve a faster registration than that of a patent by replacing examination and grant by simple registration. In return, its lifespan is shortened.

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Not all countries offer this type of protection and their scope differs widely. Patent Attorney Dr.

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From a historical point of view, the protection of utility models developed as a right parallel to the protection of patents. For further information please contact: mkoellner at dennemeyer-law dot com. In der Vergangenheit war es recht schwierig, geistige Eigentumsrechte in Japan wiederherzustellen. In seinen Richtlinien zur Wiederherstellung schildert das JPA auch konkrete Beispiele, in denen eine Wiederherstellung akzeptiert, bzw. Es ist daher unbedingt erforderlich, die Terminfristen mit besonderer Sorgfalt zu behandeln.

Kontaktieren Sie Kazuya Sekiguchi unter: ksekiguchi at dennemeyer-law dot com. To better satisfy the needs of its clients and expand its workforce, Dennemeyer France is happy to announce its move to a bigger office. We are also happy to inform you that we have created two generic email addresses to allow you to contact us more easily:. For any new business inquiries do not hesitate to contact us. Traditionally, it has been difficult to restore IP rights in Japan.

This link has been flagged as phishing. We suggest you avoid it.

There have been almost no cases where restoration was admitted after a failure to meet a deadline. However, it is still not clear whether it has actually become easier to reinstate lost IP rights or not. According to the revised rules relating to restoration of IP rights, failure to meet the deadlines of the following procedures can be saved:. As mentioned above, there needs to be a justifiable reason for not complying with the time limit in order for the lapsed IP rights to be restored.

In the Guidelines for Restoration published by the JPO, examples in which restoration is admitted or not admitted are exemplified.

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Whether the reason for missing a deadline is a justifiable reason depends on whether the reason was predictable. If the reason is predictable it cannot be justifiable. That is, a lapsed IP right cannot be restored when the reason for missing the deadline was predictable.