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He was just The former producer and engineer said that, despite not being able to read or write music, he had a remarkable memory for playing parts by ear. He would begin with a drum track and then overdub other instruments on top, often creating melodies on the spot. A photograph inside the album cover showed Rundgren alone in a room packed with equipment, guitar strapped to his shoulder, arms flung wide and hands flashing victory signs.

After leaving the hugely successful Creedence Clearwater Revival , singer and guitarist John Fogerty opted for complete control over his debut solo album, The Blue Ridge Rangers , a series of cover versions of his favourite songs. On the album, Oldfield played a remarkable array of instruments, including acoustic guitar, bass guitar, electric guitar; Farfisa, Hammond and Lowrey organs; flageolet, fuzz guitars, glockenspiel, mandolin, piano, percussion, timpani and, of course, tubular bells.

In September , at the pioneering Sound 80 recording studio in Minneapolis, Minnesota, Prince began working on his debut album, For You.

Like the best one-man bands, the late Prince, then just 17, was almost obsessive about getting the sound he wanted. He actually played 27 instruments on For You 29 if you include hand claps and the finger snaps he practised almost obsessively. Steve Winwood was ranked by Rolling Stone as No. With his first solo album, he took complete creative control, and on Arc Of A Diver , released by Island Records, in December , he took charge of everything at a studio he had built on his own farm in Gloucestershire.

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Winwood played acoustic and electric guitars, mandolin, bass, drums, percussion, drum machines, pianos, synthesisers and organ, as well as singing lead and backing vocals. Just for good measure, he produced, engineered and mixed all seven tracks. Phil Collins admits he was going through a troubled time when he recorded Both Sides at his track home recording studio. It was in the wake of his second divorce, when he even took refuge in playing the bagpipes he took lessons from a Scottish paper.

Both Sides , released by Virgin, in , started as home demos which Collins then decided to turn into a full album release after working on it entirely by himself. Collins earns his place among the best one-man bands for playing all the instruments on the album as well as taking on the main production duties.

Listen to Paul Simon’s Reworking of “One Man’s Ceiling Is Another Man’s Floor”

He even wrote the sleevenotes. It was very much a solo album. When he was a schoolboy in Detroit, Sufjan Stevens took music lessons in the oboe and English horn. He would play both on his concept album, Michigan. It also features the American singer-songwriter — who has an Oscar song nomination to his credit — on piano, electric organ, electric piano, banjo, acoustic and electric guitar, bass guitar, vibraphone, xylophone, glockenspiel, recorders, wood flute and whistles, drum kit, percussion, shakers, sleigh bells, tambourine and cymbal.

However, Stevens, like the best one-man bands featured here, has some way to go to beat the record set by the late Roy Castle. He returned to that format in with the album … Again , though this time it was a 21st-century digital production. I got myself a MacBook Air, it came with something called GarageBand, and I did one track on there and then I bought its big brother, quid or so, pressed a button and within 30 seconds I had the studio in front of me, an infinite amount of tracks and effects. Discover more about how musicians embraced DIY ethics and created music on their own terms.

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It knocked my socks off and his creation has changed the whole sound of music. Playing most of the keyboards, drum machines, guitars, and samplers himself, he recorded a demo. The sequencing was done on a Macintosh Plus. Much like his recorded demo, Reznor refused to record the album with a conventional band, recording Pretty Hate Machine mostly by himself.

When I first picked up guitar and started tinkling on a piano, I was working, going to school and driving many hours every day. I had no time for a band. Peter Green, Eric Clapton, et al.. Back then it was just two tape recorders.. Original Title. Other Editions 2. Friend Reviews. To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up.

To ask other readers questions about One Man's Music , please sign up. Lists with This Book. This book is not yet featured on Listopia. Community Reviews. Showing Average rating 4. Rating details. More filters. Sort order. Start your review of One Man's Music. Aug 10, Italia rated it liked it. A reader will need a mature state of mind to appreciate One Man's Music.

This book deals with the impressionable years of childhood, young adulthood, and finally, early married life. It shows how the sting of rejection from Jenna's father followed her throughout her experiences and how she came to reconcile that unresolved conflict.

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I found the first half of the book more appealing than the second half. Conroy makes the reader want to continue when she describes Jenna's childhood in a preco A reader will need a mature state of mind to appreciate One Man's Music. Conroy makes the reader want to continue when she describes Jenna's childhood in a precocious and detailed manner. What I would argue is the strongest point in her story occurs in the beginning, when Jenna tries to play Eric Ries's A Rainbow for my Daughter piano selections with titles and moods that correlate to color and paintings that went with them, for her father.

A reader can feel the rejection and pain that Jenna feels acutely. Jenna's unhealthy and at times illogical obsession with Eric Ries stems from her belief that his music saved her. His own disregard for women and his own children shows the hypocrisy with which people often view others' perfect lives. After looking up Conroy, I found that she also has experience as a psychologist as well as a musician, which makes perfect sense in the story's trajectory and in the material. While this does provide a realism to the story, it also is a major weakness in the construction of the plot.

While at first, the plot has a strong focus on Jenna, it then seems to meld into a longer chronology of her life that serves the purpose of psychology. In a page book, it does not make sense to me for it to span 20 years of life.

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By the last few pages of the book, Conroy makes a cringe-worthy effort to get her point across: "The broken glass was sharp and dangerous and I threw it away. My obsession with Eric was sharp and dangerous and I threw it away" The characters in Conroy's book are so strong and real to me that I do not see why she needs to make direct statements.

If she trusted in the way her characters would play scenarios out more naturally and in a less clinical format, she could have created a more effortless ending statement. Although the book has its flaws, compared to others out on the market, this should have been a bestseller. It shares a lot of realistic and important situations one encounters in their life that are under-represented.

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  • One of these is divorce, one is temptation or passion, and the other is the character who is too good for literature: Josh. I have never seen a "Josh" in a book before, and frankly, that is half of what is wrong in literature marketed to young girls and women. In most young adult books, the main love interest is a tortured "boy" with issues who can barely look after himself, let alone make a woman happy: Edward from Twilight , Ash from Iron King , Jace from Clockwork Angel. I, of course, always rooted for the best friend who was always there for the girl.

    I always saw the potential. But every time, the girl goes after the boy who has issues--and although they all end up happy, and I believe every person deserves a fair chance--what message does this send to young girls?

    One man's trash is another man's treasure : Kasper Tom/Rudi Mahall : Music |

    Josh represents the side of the story of when the girl decides to go with the man who treats her rightfully from the beginning. Although he hardly serves as a model for literature just look at Mr. Rochester , Josh's inspiring character could be utilized with the correct plot. Overall, I liked the way the story turned out. Jenna discovered the separation of the man of her passions with the man who she really loved and who loved her in return. What one might believe should have been a simple realization might prove challenging for some, and Conroy helps readers understand this when they have run through the course of Jenna's life.

    YANNI - One Man's Dream (HQ Sound, 4K-Ultra-HD) Ledovskiy Valeriy Remix