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Drink a glass of water or an organic herbal tea. The endorphins from the exercises it releases will lift your mood. Remember one slip up is no reason to give up entirely. And Just like a blowout here and there won't ruin your success, only eating healthy every now and again won't get you your results either. I also want you to not think of eating in a restrictive manner for "dieting" but rather that this is a lifelong lifestyle enhancement.

The healthier you are the less chance of getting sick.

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To break it, you need to do MOVE, even it if feels counter-intuitive. When you don't muster up the discipline to start and keep going, what happens is you feel increasingly stressed and exhausted. Your mood drops, you feel lethargic, your ability to handle even minor stress deteriorates, and you start to see the kilos stacking on again.

You have to make a conscious choice to take action right now in this moment. A High Intensity short workout is all you need to kickstart you again.

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Remember you can still get a decent workout done in a short amount of time! Motivation is going to be what gets you started but Discipline is will what ensure that you see your goals through.

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Next is to understand WHY? Why are you doing this? And your why is going to be your source of Self Motivation and Inspiration.

Every time I think I'm too tired or that thought of maybe I won't go to training today creeps in I give myself a countdown. One of my Sensei's always said it just takes 10 Seconds of Courage. The vibe will be so high and positive it will make you love working out! Our Next Round kicks off real soon, which makes it the perfect time to get back on the wagon with the help the Killer Body Movement Team. It's the new Year. And it's at this time that I start to hear a lot of this I definitely believe in the power of having the best Coaches possible to accelerate your progress and help you unlock your potential so you achieve your goals.

But lets talk about what is really going on here Is it really that you don't have the time are are you just not prioritising it? But lets talk about what is really going on here. Stop giving away your Power!

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You will then start to see the results. Not just because if I found out you would be in for a smack down but because healthy living is just part of your normal lifestyle and you do it because you love it, you want to because of how much better it makes you look and feel. I believe in you.

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Because I can be on your case, calling your phone at 6am in the morning motivating you to get your ass out of bed. It will only get you so far. The answer is inside you. Suitable for all skill levels. A mix of Killer Body's Circuit Fitness, controlled non-contact kick boxing and martial arts moves and Games with some Friendly Competition.

Great Way to get outdoors and spend some quality time with the family and have a whole lot of fun! Q Blog Events. Join the Movement Our mission is to empower you to unleash the Warrior within you. We believe that your body is worth fighting for. Killer Body Movement empowers you to move your body and strengthen your mind. All with the support of everyday warriors just like you, in a positive team spirit environment. So that you ultimately look, feel and achieve your Best in life from the inside out.

Honour your body with the training it deserves. Providing a unique mix of functional training and cardio that challenges your entire body in true Martial Arts style. The difference between training with us and a Gym Membership, is that you wont be left to your own devices, feeling intimidated with rows of equipment or have to think about what exercises your actually going to do.

Our sessions are structured and you are monitored so that you train safely and effectively. We aim to increase your cardio capacity, build strength and muscle tone, burn fat, improve your co-ordination, balance and flexibility. You will leave our sessions feeling buzzed and energised. So you're actually going to have more energy to slay your day ahead. We have this saying that the more you sweat in training the less you bleed in battle.

We understand that your every day life can be a battle. They are an uplifting, non judgemental, fun team training environment making you feel comfortable to push yourself to be your best. You also get access to our supportive VIP online community to guide you through your wellness journey. This is one way how we ensure that you stay on track and accountable for your goals.

But you will be on this journey with like-minded everyday Warriors to support you every step of the way so you never feel alone. This Team Spirit provides the most positive exciting environment face to face and online to keep you completely accountable for your goals.

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We train together, sweat together, laugh together, and become the best we can be! Maximise your workouts and experience the full body benefits unique to kick boxing. Because we are ready to Start Kicking Goals with you real soon! Free Orientation. Learn More. The Benefits. Is the Program for me? YES - If you are determined to once and for all blast away the extra layers and the fears and behaviours that have held them back and create the body of their dreams, then you need to be in this program.

Killer Body Movement is for you if you are driven, determined, and willing to focus your energy for at least weeks on creating the body you want. Is it suitable for beginners or just for hard core fit people?

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Whilst we ensure that our classes are planned to be challenging and we do push you within the session; we implement scalable progression and regression options that are appropriate for each fitness level. It doesn't matter if you're fit yet or not. Our classes cater for beginners, the very fit and the soon to be fit. Most functional exercises within the class are timed where you can just do as many as you can in that allotted time.

When we use weights, your trainer will choose an appropriate weight for you or modify the exercise to body weight if need be. As you train regularly your fitness level will improve and you will find yourself doing more in the time given. If you ever feel that an exercise is too easy or too hard just let the Trainer know and they will adjust it for you. If at any time you feel sick — you just stop when you need to and keep going where you can.

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And on the other hand if you are super fit already we will push you to your limit. Most definitely! We pride ourselves in ensuring that all our members are taught correct technique and reminded of it constantly throughout each session. And to minimise injuries we want members to have a decent technique. We also run a technical class at the beginning of every challenge which is super important and beneficial to attend. How long are the sessions? Are the at home strategies going to be complicated to figure out or implement?