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Suspending Virtual Disbelief: A Perspective on Narrative Coherence

You can live life in the bliss of believing whatever makes you feel better but for some of us there is no substitute for the truth whether it comes in a negative form or not, fact and enquiry reigns supreme over the sanctity of our consciousness. The purpose of this article then, is not to alarm but to disarm the teachers of the school of thought which argues credulously for a belief system based on how it makes one feel.

2019 Year of the Hanged Man: Suspending Reality

A person who takes medicine all day every day is either chronically ill or blinded and numbed by the effect of the drug. Remember that, the next time you are invited to suspend reality or make special means for those who wish to make their own reality suspension a part of all of our lives.

Tolerate it we must of course but to accommodate and appease is to surrender our existence and leave ourselves vulnerable to the easily manipulated and quickly corrupted human imagination. Become a member.

Suspending reality in the MFL classroom by @reebekwylie

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Suspending Reality

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