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Regency; Bath, second chance at love, also published under Claire Thornton. Western; Western Texas , later published under Heather Graham. Regency; Sussex Coast , shipowner hired to smuggle heroine's brother out of France, also published under Claire Thornton. Western; Montana, late s, later republished under Elaine Barbieri. Regency; second chance at love, heroine appeared to cheat during original engagement and have a love child.

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Regency; Portugal , honourable soldier is drawn to another man's wife, one who follows the drum but is abused. Western; Colorado , heroine limps, uses a wheelchair, parents block marriage, Copper Creek Brides 1. Medieval; France , heroine worries new husband will disinherit her son from first marriage, Medieval 2.

Western; s Kansas, marriage of convenience, respectable hero, heroine with secrets, Harvey Girls 1. Victorian; , Earl compromises and marries woman whose reputation he ruined 7 years previously. Regency; Blakehurst 1, an ebook of this novel included in free download offer for Harlequin's 60th birthday, January Regency; , alternate cover. Regency; Wednesday League 6, alternate cover.

Mills & Boon Historical

Medieval; , alternate cover. Victorian; England , widow with son marries disreputable viscount for protection from plot to declare her insane. Restoration; England , Charles II, pregnant heroine pretends lover married her before his death, masquerades as his widow, City of Flames 3. Ancient Rome; 68 BC, followed by The Perfect Concubine ebook novella, lady marries merchant to save father form scandal. Western; Los Angeles, California , financial consultant hired to rescue heroine's father's business. Restoration; England , Charles II, pregnant heroine pretends lover married her before his death, masquerades as his widow, City of Flames 3.

Ancient Rome; 68 BC, followed by The Perfect Concubine ebook novella, lady marries merchant to save father form scandal. Western; Los Angeles, California , financial consultant hired to rescue heroine's father's business. Victorian; England , soon after marriage of convenience, husband loses his memory, Accidental 2. Norman Conquest; Normandy and England, s, hero has ruined reputation and been banished, Wessex Weddings 5.

Victorian; London and Lohenberg pretend European country , hero bears striking resemblance to foreign royal family, Accidental 3. Georgian; Paris , impoverished heroine goes to orgy to drag her mother home, House of Rohan 1 Lord Francis. Medieval; around , Constantinople, Byzantine Empire, former slave switches places with Princess, at Princess's request, Palace Brides 1. Victorian; , Newcastle upon Tyne, second chance at love, previously betrothed and disgraced heroine. Regency; Midlands , worker unrest, destitute governess, Baron masquerading as his own land agent, Wellingford 5.

Elizabethan-era Ottoman Empire; two English noble women sold in a slave market, adopted son of Caliph is English former slave. Regency; , Isles of Scilly, Cornwall, woman washes up on beach of small island involved in a covert Naval operation, Wreck of the Bengal Queen 2. Georgian; Edinburgh and Highlands, French woman in Scotland searching for betrothed after Jacobite uprising, Highland Brides 1.

Norman Conquest; , North of England, scarred hero and temporarily blinded bride, Knights of Brittany 4. Regency; Scotland, woman working as a companion is blackmailed into stealing, caught by employer's son, Gentlemen of Disrepute 2.

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Georgian; , second chance for laird's daughter and hero banished for asking to court her, Highland Brides 2. Regency; , second chance for spinster and hero six years after she jilted him for his friend. Regency; London , gambling club's new owner finds a woman is employed to sing there, Copeland Sisters 1.

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  8. The following afternoon we came back to Carmi and found there had been 5 cabins broken into and nothing taken - in Mr. Smith would know the persons who were in the place and had seen it. From Mr. Dale's cabin they took some 9 plugs of tobacco and left it in Mr. Smith's cabin; and so on. As far as I could learn the only things gone were a pair of German socks and an old jack knife, and I doubt very much that Mr. Smith or Dale are quite sure that these things are really gone. There are just 10 people living in the district. That is Messrs. Smith and Dale at Carmi, Mr. Holmes 2' miles from Carmi, Mr.

    Of a Kaleden pioneer family, he is a noted historian, speaker, author, and has worked tirelessly for the exploration and preservation of the fur brigade trails. These men at the prospect, had nothing to do with this affair; they were all working - and these other people are all neighbours and good friends and not one of them would give me even a hint that he suspected another except Mr. Smith who suspects Wheatley and Holmes and all the others were just as sure that Holmes and Wheatley had nothing to do with it. There were 3 men from Phoenix, Matheson Bros, and Jackson on a hunting trip.

    They camped at Collier's cabin one mile from Beaverdell about this time. There was also 5 Indians came through to here on 28th Nov. Dale thinks the Indians may have done it. I doubt it. But they were all so close mouthed that there was a small chance of getting at the truth. Dale was away at Greenwood at the time and Smith, who is a trapper, was away hunting. What I suspect, it was by way of a joke and that Mr.

    Smith has made too much of it.

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    Smith thinks it was someone looking at his land records, etc. If it was, why did not they apply to the Govt. Had they wanted to take anything there was the money - rifles - clothes - tobacco or grub, etc. Yet nothing was taken. This man Holmes, who Smith suspects, is a thorough gentleman - an Englishman. I can't see nor could I find out what object he could have in doing it. These three campers from Phoenix may have done it for a joke. One of the Mathesons is the postmaster and mayor of that place and Jackson is a prospector and well known to both Dale and Smith and the others and they all tell me that these men did not do it.

    When I say there was nothing taken I mean that I doubt if Smith or Dale are really sure that anything is gone. He says there is 7 or 9 plugs gone and 2 boxes of 22 cartridges and an old pair of German socks. There was 3 rifles and all sorts of grub, blankets, etc. Yet nothing taken. Smith says he misses a piece of clothes line, etc. It may be these Indians know something. They live at Westbank and were over there trapping for 6 weeks. I will as soon as possible, report to you on what I can find out from them. The Prov.

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    Constable at Midway was there some days before me. He may be able to give some further information. Your obedient servant signature missing. Note: Carmi came under the jurisdiction of the Penticton provincial police office. The constable in April was J. In May of he resigned and was replaced by Jonathon Tooth, who was still serving there in December , and I think for some years more.

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    In February, , he was stationed at Kelowna. I believe he was killed in WWI.

    The Bride Audiobook by Maya Banks

    Constable G. Aston seems to have been stationed in Penticton early in , barely weeks before he was murdered on board an Okanagan Lake steamboat. It therefore seems likely the writer of the Carmi Affair was Constable Tooth. The branch had a long history of service to the horticultural industries of the province going back to when the Provincial Horticultural Board Act was passed by the legislature with the subsequent establishment of the Horticultural Board.

    In the United States a number of jurisdictions had created horticultural boards primarily to help prevent the accidental importation of new insect pests and diseases, and it appears BC had similar concerns. The act provided for the appointment of an inspector of fruit pests that was to enforce the regulations of the board to check the spread of fruit pests and diseases of trees and plants, and to provide pertinent information to horticultural producers. Five districts were named in the act, but only three had significant horticultural production—Vancouver Island, Lower Mainland and the Upper Interior Mainland.

    Thomas G. Earl of Lytton was appointed to represent the interior district. Other board members included R. The Minister of Finance and Agriculture, J.