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A plea deal is an arrangement between the prosecutor and defendant to resolve a case without going to trial. Often, this means prosecutors have lightened caseloads and judges are better able to manage overcrowded courtrooms. It also gives defendants the opportunity to accept a less severe sentence for a less serious charge and avoid the costs that come with lengthy trials.

But these so-called deals come with strings attached. In many cases, defendants who cannot afford to pay bail will be pressured into taking plea deals; instead of exercising their right to a fair trial, the defendants will accept the deal just to get out of prison or avoid the potential of a harsher sentence. Criminal defense attorney Michael J.

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For many people, the high cost of taking a plea deal is worth getting out of jail and going home, whether or not they are guilty. He was not himself. He was on drugs or alcohol or both, probably. As the news of the killings broke in local papers, a media frenzy began around the crimes. There's certainly a lot of elements of an adult nature. It was a bunch of people living in a dirty house. It was a bunch of girls that were more or less being abused to the point that they abused other people.

I think it's easier to say, 'Oh look, the brides of Satan! I don't know why anyone would take anything he says super seriously. People love to use the scapegoat of Satan. We want to look for a solution or an answer, and since mental health is difficult to understand we can just point at Satan — especially in this particular case because the guy had a bunch of face tattoos. We strive for justice, seeking knowledge, and using science to guide our beliefs and not the other way around. General enlightenment values.

And kindness. Our third tenet is that one's body is inviolable, subject to one's will alone. So we're never going to violate someone's bodily autonomy. I just want people to understand that. That sounds expensive. Are you sure politicians know how to organize resources effectively enough to make it happen?

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So many points of view. She riffs out on this shit so hard your ears will start smoking. After suing the cops for 20 years, Rice is now adopting a different tactic, operating inside Parker Center as a constructive critic. Rice always does her homework. Sheriffs and LAPD for one of those big reports she serves up to the politicians, which they then use for doorstops. You get assigned to South Bureau or Hollenbeck, where you can do whatever you need to do. This is a once-in-a-lifetime chance. Ten years seems like a long time. They no longer shield the brutality.

They no longer shield the hunter-killer cops. They agree they need to do everything constitutionally and respectfully.

Operation Devil Horns: The Takedown of MS in San Francisco -

Which is odd, because that seems like the only conversation to start with. How to stop abusing people on the bottom rung. I think somebody wrote a big essay or something on this once. Oh, yeah, now I remember, it was called the Constitution. This stuff sounds really familiar. Putting in work trying to earn their name. Trying to earn respect. Trying to do a little dirty shit here and there. Like Rice, Mauricio makes the distinction between command-staff shot callers and the rank and file. I hate the system. They could tell me, go to Yo Watts, [the community program] where they get you books and help get you into college.

On the second floor of a Washington Mutual bank building, a community meeting of the Watts Gang Task Force is just beginning. Smooth operator Francisco Ortega, a policy adviser from the City of L. The three-minute timer he brought is a gesture.

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The stakes are too high. Too many lives hang in the balance in the precarious dance between the people and the man. Gang interventionist Michael Cummings, a. To talk and to listen. People from different factions of the community with varied agendas sit quietly, while others draw attention to themselves with manufactured intensity. The meeting descends into a minor melee, then crescendoes in a flurry of raised voices all vying for position, when one voice rises above the rest. Wait a minute! Cynthia Mendenhall takes the room hostage for 10 minutes. The community activist and former PJ Crip in a short wig and big, dark sunglasses has earned the right to speak.

Betty Day has lost one. The problem is the community. We have a better relationship with the LAPD now than we did in the last 40 years! Outside in the parking lot, I hit up Tingirides and cut to the chase. He sees a solution through the schools.

That intervention is happening at a much greater scale than it has been. We need more housing and jobs. We need more programs — and stop sending everything over to East L. But are you alienating the population and creating kids as criminals? Listen, we have a crime, see this kid and he matches the description, we have to check him. Everything is a battle out here. I make it clear to the officers, be patient. Black female. Blunt-force injury.

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She just died in the hospital. We roll out. As we drive the streets of blight, three black teenagers fly by through traffic on minibikes: wife beaters, baggy jeans, no helmets. They make Smith, smile and wave. A banner on a streetlight overlooks the crime scene on the block of West Boulevard: Express kindness. Two year-old women got into a fight; one bashed the other with a stick, or maybe she O.

Small groups gather on the sidewalk, others casually watch from balconies. Two cops in cheap suits and two in uniforms take notes. A beat-up Cherokee slows to a roll. Mauricio has done a lot of thinking lately on the philosophy of police culture and how it has affected his life.

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He sees all the players. The full spectrum, beyond the black, white and brown. Ignorance is bad, and good is fucking, like, knowledge. Christ on the cross is prominent on the mantle of the tidy two-bedroom apartment. Mauricio painted it during one of his incarcerations. On the floor is his backpack and a textbook from school, Automobile Technology.

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