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Invitation makes vampire immune to weaknesses and vampire characteristics. A special ring protects them. Boosts mental resistance if the user truly believes it works. It's worse for stronger vampires. Prolonged period without feeding. TV series, Originals including The Originals: Fatal-only if the stake is made of white oak; its ashes only weaken them.

Burns them, but is not fatal. Daylight ring prevents them from burning. Only if contaminated with vervain. Magic from a powerful-enough witch, werewolf bite, white oak ash dagger and vervain can all weaken them but they can heal quicker from werewolf bites and vervain as Originals ; Their sireline can broken by magic, therefore their sires can kill them without the threat of dying themselves; Advanced Werewolf venom and any spell or attack from The Hollow can be fatal; The Cure turns them back into a human see "Other" for other vampires.

Daylight ring protects them. Heart extraction and werewolf bite if not cured from bite are fatal. When an Original dies, all vampires in their sireline also die there is a way out of this: The Cure turns them back into a mortal, and causes their bodies to age to their true years of existence when The Cure is drained from them, making them unable to become vampires again. Fatal, but only if made of wood older vampires require larger amounts of wood [30]. Fatal Special ring protects them [30]. Shown as a prop on-screen, but never utilized.

Some poisons and drugs can affect them. Only in private residences owned by humans. Hepatitis D and Maenad Blood can weaken them. Let the Right One In. Fatal, if invite remains absent for long enough.

Blood with cancer hurts them, but it is still nutritious. Makes them feel uncomfortable, but won't kill them.

Anything that would kill a human. Fatal if silver and charmed with air, fire, earth and water magics. Turns the Strigoi into a Moroi if silver and charmed with spirit. Burns them, but isn't fatal. Fatal; ameliorable with protective measures.

Fatal, but only gold stakes. No; possible dependency on moonlight — torpid and vulnerable during new moon. Generally fatal; some vampires are immune. Any religious iconography if wielded by a true believer. Fatal, except for Alucard. Non-fatal, but they find it extremely unpleasant. Blessed silver only weakens Alucard, but will kill other vampires. It weakens them, but is non-fatal. The Saga of Darren Shan. Highly susceptible to sunburns, eventually fatal. Fatal; certain disciplines can make them resistant or immune.

Generally fatal, but certain disciplines can make them resistant or immune. Immune unless with flaw. Immune unless with flaw or when wielded by someone with true faith. Only if with flaw. Fatal; a wooden stake through the heart will permanently kill any vampire with no hope of resurrection. No, although they are more sensitive to sunlight and prefer to avoid it. Fatal, although they can be resurrected.

Yes; causes fangs to appear, watery eyes, and sneezing. Yes, although it doesn't work on old and powerful vampires. Yes, although old vampires are excluded. Werewolf blood can kill them. Werewolf blood mutates them, consuming the juniper plant immobilize them and a mysterious new flu strain kills them. Causes a measure of pain and discomfort. Only in the anime series. Dead man's blood can paralyze them and a scent blocking mixture can render their sense of smell useless; the Colt, angelic touch, vampire irradiation gun, anti-vampire device, and Vamp-Tonite can kill them; angels, leviathans, and primordial entities can overpower and kill them with ease.

Yes, it is toxic and can eventually kill if left in too long. Hive tethered to a specific location shortly after the queen is turned, unless she swarms; the touch of a soulless or metanatural turns them human temporarily. Death-like state until removed. Fatal to weaker vampires. Fatal, but Vorador was resurrected after his execution. Fatal to all except Rahabim vampires. Fatal to most if not all.

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Vulnerable to Hylden glyphs and Moebius's staff. Fatal to most, but Vampires in Blood Omen can "buy" a resistance to some forms of water, such as rain or snow. The Nexus Stone could send Kain in a coma for centuries; and sonic waves and the Moebius's Staff weaken vampires. Feels unpleasant, but not fatal. Alcohol causes severe burns on contact, much like Holy Water in other settings. Burns, death if exposed too long.

Methuselah Mice

Aggravates highly developed olfactory nerves, but not fatal. Starvation, suffocation, great levels of violence, leprosy or the Black Death also kill them. Fatal, but older vampires have higher tolerances [33]. Fatal; older vampires have higher tolerances [33]. Can develop a tolerance [35]. Wielder has to possess faith. Fatal except under the treatments of Dr. Fatal, although the supervampire had to be killed through a combination of this and intense light. Implied; the supervampire was killed by an intense light after being staked. Only weakened during the daylight hours.

Affected by the faith of the user, not the inherent properties of the object; any holy symbol will work. It is mentioned that they have the weaknesses as described in Bram Stoker's novel. Yes, they are less affected than the Black Court. Cutting their stomach open drains the blood they've eaten; this weakens them.

Exposure makes them progressively weaker, although a parasol seems to be enough protection. Remilia hates it, but it is not stated if other vampires share this weakness.

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Yes; even rain is a problem. Broken holly branches, sardine heads, and roasted soybeans [37]. Fatal, but only through the heart. Some Rainbow Drinkers enjoy the sunlight, normal Trolls are nocturnal. Fatal, except for pseudo-vampires. Yes, except for pseudo-vampires. The Bloodgem and the Montesi Formula incantation can kill them. No, but light-shy and tends toward nocturnal activity.

No intrinsic aversion to religion in general, but "crucifix glitch" caused problems with crosses. Cannot approach any construction with right angles while eyes are open due to "crucifix glitch"; legend may have arisen from this condition. Possibly - altered brain structure provides omnisavantic pattern-matching and analytical skills. Neurological "crucifix glitch" causes lethal seizures when perpendicular lines fill more than 30 degrees of visual field; seizures can be prevented by "anti- Euclidean drugs". They can die if they lose a sufficiently large amount of blood. The blood of one Queen can kill anything that her sister has created.