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Two processes were at work to make the good olive tree produce the best crop. These show the two processes God uses to perfect his Church for his greatest glory. The unbelieving Israelites were being cut off. By rejecting and killing the Messiah, many of the Jews showed that their faith was not real. Second is the process of evangelism. Believing Gentiles were being grafted in. When they believed they were grafted into the good olive tree.

These two processes continue today as God cultivates his church. The wild olive tree is the pagan world outside the professing church, just as it was with the nation of Israel back then. The good olive tree of course is no longer limited to Israel. Today it is the church of Jesus Christ. Its natural branches are those born into covenant families. The grafted in branches are those outside the church who join by professing the gospel. By evangelism God is grafting in pagans as they come to believe.

By his judgments he is removing false branches from his church. There is also a warning here for all individuals as branches in the church today. When members show that they are false believers God may remove them. Also, some false Christians are among those grafted in from paganism. They join a church for wrong, selfish reasons. They come thinking that joining the blessed tree would redeem them from sin. Or they come to get social or material benefits from the church.

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Their fraudulent christianity is exposed by their unwillingness to submit to the ways and true teachings of Christ. Some defect on their own by leaving the true church. Israel as a nation became apostate and rejected the Messiah. They walked away from the message God had delivered to them. They established congregations based upon false teachings. The liberal churches today have confused what Messiah is and came to do.

Some must be removed from the church by the Elders through church discipline. In Matthew Jesus summarized the process explained throughout Scripture. This is one of the major duties God in the New Testament entrusts to the local church Elders. However, based upon their lives, testimony, and actions, these are removed to defend the purity of the church.

Olive Plants, The: Raising Spiritual Children

By this process of evangelism and judgment God gathers his people, and perfects his church. New branches are grafted in by faith, and unfaithful branches are cut off. At the return of Christ, the completed Church will be presented to the Father.

Paul then adds a serious warning against arrogance. If God has cut off even the natural branches of the tree for their unbelief, those who are grafted in from paganism should understand that if they are not truly his, they too will be removed. There was also a promise to the Jews.

This is that special blessing Paul enjoyed in his Apostleship.

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Those from the rejected tribes of Israel who come to Christ in humble repentance and faith will be grafted into the church, back into the good olive tree. This was the point Paul started with back at the start of chapter 9. The true promised seed of Israel is never abandoned by God. It is those who say they are his, but are not, who are in grave danger of judgment. God will cut them off from his church, and will abandon them to eternal torment.

By seeing this process of evangelizing pagans, and cutting off the falsely religious, it becomes all the more clear that salvation is by grace alone, unearned, undeserved. This manifests the severity and goodness of God His severity is shown in his judgment, by removing the unbelieving branches. His goodness is shown in his redemption and restoration of the repentantly faithful. For the gifts and the calling of God are irrevocable. For as you were once disobedient to God, yet have now obtained mercy through their disobedience, even so these also have now been disobedient, that through the mercy shown you they also may obtain mercy.

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For God has committed them all to disobedience, that He might have mercy on all. Paul was explaining a mystery, a truth God was just then revealing more fully. A hardening was happening to part of Israel. God was giving some of the Jews over to their own hatred and perversions. During the first century, the Jews were the greatest antagonists to the gospel.

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It was the apostates among the Jews who stirred up the Romans to hate the Christians by slandering them. God even used pagan Rome in 70 AD to crush Jerusalem, to destroy the temple the Priests had defiled, and to mark the final end to the special privilege of the physical seed of Abraham.

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The Olive Plants - Raising Spiritual Children

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