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A Shetland version of the tale about the selkie compelled to become a human wife, was published in In this edition, the selkie already had a husband of her own kind in the ocean before she was forced to stay on land. Some stories from Shetland have selkies luring islanders into the sea at midsummer, the lovelorn humans never returning to dry land.

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The mythical kelpie is the Scots name given to a supernatural water horse that was said to haunt Scotland's lochs and lonely rivers. It has usually been described as appearing as a horse but is able to adopt human form. However, some accounts state that the Kelpie retains its hooves when appearing as a human, leading to its association with the Christian idea of Satan.

The kelpie would appear to its victims as a lost dark grey or white pony but could be identified by its constantly dripping mane. It would entice people to ride on its back, before taking them down to a watery grave. One specific story talks of a Kelpie captured by the Laird of Morphie. The Laird harnessed the strength of the horse-form Kelpie by using halter stamped with the sign of a cross.

The captor forced the kelpie to carry heavy stones to build his castle and when the work was complete, the laird released the kelpie who was understandably unhappy in its treatment.

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The kelpie cursed the Laird of Morphie, a reason popularly believed to explain the extinction of the Laird family. Learn more. Accept Cookies. Home Features Scottish myths, folklore and l Scottish myths, folklore and legends 01 Apr Share:. Fingal's Cave.

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Corryvreckan Whirlpool. The Nine Maidens of Dundee. The Stoor Worm. The Ghost Piper of Clanyard Bay.

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The Gorbals Vampire. Back in the s, the Gorbals area of Glasgow was being terrorised. Robert the Bruce and the Spider. The Loch Ness Monster. View previous article.

The Warrior

View next article. Related content. Spotlight: Kindness - The Scottish tourist hotspots with kindness at their core Learn more. Created with Sketch. Combined Shape Created with Sketch. Page 1 Created with Sketch. Group Created with Sketch. Fill 1 Created with Sketch. I cannot wait to read this story Highlander Lord of Fire.

I find t I have read the previous two books in this series, both were amazing.

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But this has my undivided attention, The chemistry between Snow and the Lord of Fire has me extremely excited to read. Your stories are always amazing. God bless you in all you do. Barbara Koehrsen. Enjoy all of her books. The hardest part is waiting for the next book, especially if a part of a series. Information about Page Insights Data. For those interested in the print edition. It's now available!

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Learn More. An oldie of mine! A romantic ghost story to give you all kinds of shivers! Whispers on the Wind. She arrives on a dark and stormy night and can find no coach driver who will take her to the manor. She learns why from the inhabitants of the local inn. It seems that Belind Another old favorite of mine!

Love Me Forever. Brianna Cameron has had a difficult married life. Life, at last, is good for Brianna, but not for long. A carriage accident leaves her alone and badly wounded in the For those who missed Ch. One, Highlander Lord of Fire. Chapter One..

She suffered abuse while living with him, so living with Ian's family was great. She ends up being a great help to Ian's family while he is gone. She is a good heroine, except for the one dumb thing I stated earlier. I must say I was worried that I had picked a loser to read. A new reader of Margaret Mallory, I had no history to rely on. I read all the book reviews and excerpts I could get my hands on. I felt fairly certain I was making a wise choice with this new writer.

What a disappointment when each page I turned got heavier and heavier. The Hero was a loser! First, he ran away from a forced marriage to his childhood friend a gawky, clumsy, 13 year old with big teeth but an adoring pest.

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  6. He should have been able to convince his father of their innocence. Plus, he insulted the poor child by asking his father, " Have you looked at her, Da?

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    So rather than defend her and himself, he grabbed his three "besties" and ran to war in France! He also failed to consummate the marriage.

    Five years pass. Sileas heroine is still awaiting his return because she still loves Ian. She has turned into a beautiful, soft-spoken, graceful woman. Her good friend and neighbor, loves her and has almost convinced her to annul the marriage. The four Scots receive word of the beating the Scots took at Flodden and return home. When he sees Sileas, he doesn't recognize her! The Rastard!