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Terrace Group Meal. Give your decisions, never your reasons. Your decisions may be right, your reasons are sure to be wrong. James Mansfield. There is no stigma attached to recognizing a bad decision in time to install a better one. Laurence J. People go down bad paths and they make bad decisions, but it's always justified in their head. Maisie Williams.

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Take responsibility for your last bad decision, and then let it go. Don't blame others or make excuses for yourself. Deepak Chopra.


There's more to us than the moment we made a bad decision. Jenji Kohan. A very simple bad decision is to get into debt. And that is very expensive.

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Dan Ariely. Making bad decisions and choosing the wrong partner can ruin your life for a long time, perhaps forever. Karrine Steffans. When being unable to differentiate a good from a bad decision:it has become time to follow your heart.

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Mac Miller. It's better to make a decision, even the wrong one, than to be in limbo.

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Start taking bad decisions and it will take you to a place where others only dream of being. Paul Arden. Good people can do bad things, make bad decisions. It doesn't make them bad people.