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Isaza, G. Inteligencia emocional del maestro.

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Marcelo, C. Docentes competentes. Moliner, O. Palomera, R. El desarrollo de la inteligencia emocional docente en los contextos de secundaria.

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    • Transmisión de valores desde la educación emocional (Spanish Edition).
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    School Psychology International , 27 , Vaello, J. El profesor emocionalmente competente. Un puente sobre las aulas turbulentas. Veenhoven, R. Conditions of happiness. Boston, MA: Reidel. Another indication is half of the husk open naturally.

    Transmisión de valores desde la educación emocional

    When the husk opens, it means that the seeds are ripe already. Harvest which is too early carried out is causing oil substance decrease. While too late harvest causes fruits crushed so that the seeds fall at the ground. Harvest Techniques Techniques of harvesting can be done by quaking boughs repeatedly unto till the fruits fall mechanically. But this way is less effective. The best way is picking up the fruits directly by hand from the boughs. Ripe rate of fruit at one bunch is not the same from one to another. Harvesting which is done fruit-by-fruit is labor intensive. That is why fruit harvesting is commonly carried out per bunch, not per fruit.

    Fruit and Seed Draining Draining is to be done by putting Jatropha fruit under a shaded shelter or net. Do not put the fruits directly in the sun because direct sun light has a negative effect to Jatropha seed quality. The fruits are drained until they naturally open. Take the seeds outside from the opened fruits, and clean them. Drain the seeds during 1 day. If the seeds are not dry enough, they will be easily got molded and broken. Seed storing At an average 1 kg of seeds is equivalent to seeds. Storage of the raw material seeds is important for continuous operations.

    Two options are available bulk storage and bag-storage, the bag-storage is prevailed. The storehouses should be well ventilated in order to prevent molding and self-ignition.

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    The location plays an important role, as it has a considerable impact on transport and storage costs. Storage at room temperature is most ideal for preservation during one year without loss of quality. However taking into account, that Jatropha seeds do contain very high oil content, it is strongly recommended to avoid storage for a too long period.

    La diferencia entre valores y emociones

    If possible, the seeds should be processed right after they have been drained. Although not clearly specified, this range in production may be attributable to low and high rainfall areas. With enhanced technologies and efficient management techniques the company expects the following yield of seeds.